=== Join us Sept. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th for the 64th Hillsboro Firemen's Labor Day Celebration. Thank You for your support!===









2017 Labor Day Celebration

Paintball Course Info Listed Below

P\Hillsboro Firemen's Labor Day Paintball Course


Must be at least 12 years of age to play. All players will have to sign a release form to play..

Please read all the rules listed at the bottom of this page.


Course will open at 1:00pm

Thanks to new lighting options at the park the course will be able to run past dusk well into the night!

Price to play is $8.00 per person and it includes 

--- 1 30 minute session ---

--- 1 Paintball Gun with barrel sock ---

All gun, tanks, and mask are on loan to us from Beck Farms and Rick Hanky

Please respect their equipment!!

--- 1 Full hopper of balls (200 count) ---

You can buy more balls for $3.50 (150 count)  Only our balls are allowed for play.

You must provide you own means to carry extra balls while playing!

--- 1 Protective Face Mask ---

--- 1 20oz Co2 Tank ---

Co2 tank fills will be free!

Co2 is being donated by Marell INC (Herbecks)!


---You are welcome to bring your own paintball gun and gear if you like.  All guns must have a barrel sock!

---The max feet per second on all guns will be 285fps. Your gun will be checked!

---Full automatic paintball guns will only be allowed if all players agree that it is ok before each session starts!


There will be to two different course choose from.

--- There will be a woods course & an urban speed ball course. Only one course will be being used at one time, course can be combined.

Gaming scenario options.

---- Capture The Flag, Last Team Standing, Last Man Standing, Terminator, Protect the President, Downed Pilot and more.



























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